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Looking for a professional Interior Designer? We Provide Interior Design and Space Stlying solutions to satisfy all your Interior needs. From Classical to Contemporary, We do it all.

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Who we are?

Top Interior Designers In Bangalore

We at The Wishlist Company are dedicated to check all your wishes in your Dream home list. Headquartered in Bangalore, our company is dedicated to comprehend our client’s need and work on what would be best for them.

We love to brainstorm thoughtful and innovative ideas with our interior Designers in Bangalore and clients so that we all are sailing in the same boat.

Our quick response and fast build time are what makes our company distinct. We believe in achieving realistic goals. With our in house furniture and tiles team, we are never late with our deliverables.

We believe in space styling with space-saving so that we can get the most out of any sized apartment, home or office.

Commercial Interiors

We at Wishlist Company are experts when it comes to designing and developing your commercial interior space. Join us to get the most out of your brand.

We believe to meet all brand goals and make your space look like the way it is supposed to. We create designs that work best for your spave and your customers walking in,

We belive in designing functional design commercial spaves including Store Design, Mall store Design, stores, warehouses, etc., 

Residential interiors

Hearts are involved when it comes to building residential interiors and we understand and respect the fact that it is going to be your home.

We always welcome people with open doors to fulfilling your dreams and your Wishlist.

Internet is filled with millions of ideas and often makes a person confused, We are always there to help you to take the right decesions for your new dream Home.


Our Recent projects

We work closely with clients be it big or small. We like to maintain our easy bonding strategy so that the client never thinks twice to share his opinion and thinking.

Our team is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced interior designers and space stylists who are ready to help you with their undying commitment,

Sri Ram Colony

Brigade Heights – Bangalore

Extravaganza Villa

Kanakpura – Bangalore

The Wishlist Company No. 320 Alfonso Road, Bengaluru – 544225

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Stay Connecteded

You can contact us anytime to get information about our company or also to ask any questions you like. We are committed to change the environment and to save energy. We would love to share ideas on how you can install or set up a project to save your, time, energy, money and most importantly the PLANET.